Welcome to RepresentUs Western Mass


Represent Western Mass is the local chapter of Represent.US, the nation’s largest grassroots, bi-partisan movement working to end the corruption of big money in elections and government. With community and campus chapters across the country, Represent.Us has helped reform public financing of elections, increased transparency in government, and reigned in the influence of lobbyists. These goals remain the core of the American Anti Corruption Act which we are working to pass in all 50 states.

Represent Western Mass has passed resolutions in numerous towns calling on elected representatives in Boston and Washington to clean up government corruption. We continue to target communities where the people’s voice can be added to this message. Working with other activists, we present community forums and film screenings on relevant issues such as gerrymandering, ranked choice voting, lobbying reform, and a bi-partisan effort to ‘drain the swamp’.

In conjunction with the Boston chapter of Represent.US, we are helping Massachusetts legislators identify and support bills relevant to our goals. We continue to affect change by sparking media coverage, letter writing campaigns, and other initiatives\