Using Zoom for Meetings – Security Issues

You may be aware that, due to the increased use of this software during the COVID-19 crisis, some security concerns are beginning to crop up.

At the moment, the biggest problem seems to be “Zoom bombing” which means that uninvited guests crash meetings, sometimes shouting racial or anti-Semitic slurs, broadcasting pornographic images, etc. Zoom is currently responding to these concerns by changing defaults for meetings and enhancing security.

There are several settings in Zoom that prevent this. Here is a list of options I have enabled/disabled for our meetings. Feedback on this and suggestions for additional changes are welcome.

Current Zoom Settings for Represent Us Meetings:

  1. Password required. Included in invitation email.
  2. Meeting will be locked after all participants have arrived. (So please let us know if you plan to join late.)
  3. For all meetings after the April meeting, you will enter a “Waiting Room” before joining the meeting. This will give the host a chance to exclude unwanted guests.
  4. The following settings will be turned off:
  • Autosaving chats
  • Screen sharing for participants (can be turned on/off during the meeting)
  • Remote control
  • File transfer
  • Join before host (You can’t join the meeting until the host arrives.)

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