Calling Out Corruption!

Calling out Corruption is truly the backbone of our movement and a way you can make a difference through some good old-fashioned phonebanking.

Volunteers gather online each week to call or text supporters in our various volunteer communities to recruit for community events, petitions, support for local legislation, you name it! Find a list of all upcoming Calling Out Corruption events HERE!

How to Get Started

You only need three things to get started:

  • A computer
  • A Discord account (create one here)
  • A headset (not required, but makes things easier)

If you’ve never done phone banking before, don’t worry! We’ll send you the simple script in advance, and we’ll provide training in a Discord voice chat room prior to the phone banking. We’ll also have helpful people available throughout the evening for any questions that come up.

What It’s Like to Phone Bank

It’s all done with an auto-dialer computer app called CallHub. The app calls the number, you ask the person who answers if they are willing to collect signatures, attend a rally, send a tweet, or whatever, and then record this information on an online form.

Although many people don’t answer (we don’t leave voice mails), those who do are usually friendly and enthusiastic about helping. So you get to meet a lot of nice people!

Phone banking is fun and can even be addictive when you’re working with a team and trying to achieve a goal. There’s a lot of camaraderie among the phone banking team as we make calls, share info, trade selfies, etc.

If you have some time next Thurs. night, think about joining us! If it’s hard to commit to 3 hours, jumping in for an hour or so is perfectly fine. Any amount of time helps!

Questions? Email Mannie White, RepresentUs Western Mass.

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